Welcome to CAULIFLOWER WRESTLING LIFE, a blog devoted mostly to amateur wrestling, with an occasional foray into other fun and interesting corners.  Our blog features little universal "slices" of wrestling life in the form of essays and stories.  As it develops, our blog will also offer wrestling tips and strategies, advice, commentary, opinion, and more.  Please check back often to follow our development.

Much of the content on CAULIFLOWER WRESTLING LIFE is written by long-time wrestling coach Craig Foster, who is also the owner of Cauliflower Publishing Company.  Along with original content, our blog occasionally features off-site content such as essays from guest bloggers, and wrestling articles from outside sources.

If you'd like to submit writing for publication on CAULIFLOWER WRESTLING LIFE, or if you would like to republish any of our original content, please contact us.  We'd love to hear form you.

Thank you for visiting, and we hope you enjoy our work.  Feel free to comment on any of our writings, and share with others if you feel the urge!

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